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Gymshark Arrives In India: A New Era For Fitness Fashion

In recent news that’s sending ripples of excitement through India’s fitness community, Gymshark, the British fitness apparel and accessories brand, has officially announced its entry into the Indian market. Known for their seamless, performance-enhancing workout clothes, Gymshark has cultivated a global reputation and amassed a dedicated following, which will now extend to fitness enthusiasts in India.

Gymshark’s Global Appeal

Founded in 2012, Gymshark has grown exponentially in a short span, fuelled by its popular range of fitness apparel and accessories, as well as its savvy online marketing strategies. The brand is well-loved for its functional, fashionable, and comfortable designs, making it a go-to choice for athletes and gym-goers alike.


The Indian Fitness Market

India’s rapidly growing fitness market makes it a strategic choice for Gymshark’s international expansion. As fitness awareness increases and gym culture strengthens, the demand for high-quality fitness apparel has seen a significant upswing in recent years.

Gymshark’s Indian Debut

The launch of Gymshark in India comes as part of the brand’s strategic expansion plan in Asia. Gymshark products will be available for purchase through their official Indian website, allowing fitness enthusiasts across the country to shop from the comfort of their homes.

CEO Steve Hewitt shares the company’s excitement about this new venture, “We’ve noticed an increasing demand from the Indian market over the past few years, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to directly cater to our Indian customers.”

Potential Impact on Indian Fitness Apparel Market


The entry of Gymshark into the Indian market is expected to inject fresh competition into the fitness apparel sector. As the brand gains traction in India, local brands and retailers may feel the pressure to elevate their offerings, leading to an overall improvement in the quality and variety of fitness apparel available to Indian consumers.

What’s Next?

As Gymshark sets foot in India, it plans to connect with local communities, influencers, and athletes to build brand visibility and loyalty. So, if you’re a fitness enthusiast in India, keep an eye out – the familiar Gymshark logo may soon become a more common sight in gyms across the country!

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