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Here’s How Kumail Nanjiani Got Shredded

Do you remember when Kumail Nanjiani suddenly went from Dadbod to Godbod and became a fitness icon? Who could forget?! Well, here’s a deep-dive where he shares all the exercises he did to build his phenomenal physique. If you’re looking…

Is Flying Beast’s Daughter in Trouble?

Flying Beast, or Gaurav Taneja, has recently released a video that’s both adorable and interesting. Here, Ritu, his daughter, seems to be up to her usual shenanigans. But this time, she’s gotten caught. What did she do? And consequences will…

Flying Beast Scored an Autograph!

If you know anything about Indian sports, you’ll know MS Dhoni is an iconic cricketer with an impressive track record. That’s why it’s even more amazing that Flying Beast scored an autograph from him. Jealous yet? You will be when…

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