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Celebrating Movement: The Best Women’s Activewear Brands in India

The demand for activewear in India has seen a surge in recent years, propelled by the country’s growing health consciousness and the rising popularity of fitness trends. Women, in particular, are seeking workout gear that combines performance, comfort, and style. Here’s a roundup of the best women’s activewear brands in India that tick all the boxes.

1. Campus Activewear

campus activewear

Campus Activewear has made a mark with its budget-friendly yet high-quality offerings. Their range of sports bras, tank tops, yoga pants, and athletic shoes are designed for maximum comfort and performance. The brand’s collection is versatile and trendy, ensuring you look stylish even during a strenuous workout.

2. HRX by Hrithik Roshan

women's activewear

This celebrity-driven brand has made waves with its chic designs and durable fabrics. HRX offers everything from running shorts to yoga tops, ensuring each piece provides optimum flexibility and breathability. Their sports bras and leggings collection, in particular, receive high praise for their supportive and comfortable fit.

3. Puma

women's activewear

Puma’s women’s activewear line is synonymous with quality and style. Their moisture-wicking tops, supportive sports bras, and high-stretch leggings enhancperformance while ensuring comfort. Puma’s range of vibrant running shoes also deserves special mention for their lightweight design and excellent cushioning.

4. Nike

women's activewear

A globally recognized brand, Nike’s Indian activewear range doesn’t disappoint. Their Dri-FIT tech-based clothing line, designed to keep you dry and comfortable, is a hit among fitness enthusiasts. Plus, their sports shoes offer incredible support, making them perfect for various fitness activities.

5. Adidas

women's activewear

Adidas blends performance and fashion seamlessly. Their line of high-support sports bras, high-rise tights, and breathable tops are perfect for intensive workouts. Moreover, their athletic shoes, equipped with Cloudfoam and Bounce technologies, ensure optimum comfort during runs and training sessions.

6. Reebok

women's activewear

Reebok’s women’s activewear line is known for its modern designs and innovative fabric technology. Their speedwick technology apparel helps manage sweat, making them suitable for high-intensity workouts. Reebok’s athletic footwear also stands out with its superior comfort and stylish designs.

7. Zelocity by Zivame

women's activewear

Zelocity, a homegrown brand, offers a comprehensive range of activewear specially designed for Indian women. Their range of wire-free sports bras, high-stretch leggings, and easy movement tops are highly praised. Zelocity also offers plus-size activewear, ensuring fitness is inclusive and accessible for all.

8. Alcis

women's activewear

Alcis prides itself on being an eco-friendly activewear brand. Their performance-enhancing clothing line, made from sustainable and recycled materials, is both comfortable and stylish. Their range of sports bras, track pants, and shorts are perfect for a range of fitness activities, from yoga to running.


In conclusion, these brands have made significant strides in catering to the Indian women’s activewear market. They have recognized that today’s fitness-conscious women are looking for activewear that is not just functional but also trendy and comfortable. As more and more women in India embrace an active lifestyle, these brands are there to ensure their fitness journey is fashionable, comfortable, and empowered.

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