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Top 5 Bodybuilding Events In India 2023

With its rich cultural heritage and passion for fitness, India hosts several bodybuilding events that attract enthusiasts and athletes nationwide. If you’re a fan of this dynamic sport or simply seeking inspiration from bodybuilders, attending these events is an absolute must.

August 2023 promises an exciting lineup of bodybuilding competitions and fitness gatherings in various cities across India. From powerlifting championships to marathons and yoga training, this article explores the top five bodybuilding events in India this August.

National Senior Equipped Powerlifting Championship 2023

bodybuilding events

Date: 12/8/2023 to 17/8/2023

Location: Kashipur, Uttarakhand, India

The National Senior Equipped Powerlifting Championship is one of the premier bodybuilding events in India. Taking place from August 12th to August 17th in Kashipur, Uttarakhand, this championship attracts some of the strongest athletes in the country.

Powerlifters from different states gather to showcase their strength and compete in various weight categories. This thrilling event allows spectators to witness incredible displays of power, determination, and technique.

76th INDEPENDENCE DAY 2023 Virtual Marathon and Cyclothon

bodybuilding events

Date: 15/8/2023

Location: Delhi, India

Celebrate the 76th Independence Day in India by participating in the virtual marathon and cyclothon held in Delhi on August 15th. This event promotes fitness and provides an opportunity to observe bodybuilders in action. This virtual marathon and cyclothon is the perfect choice to witness the energy and dedication of bodybuilders as they display their skills and endurance.

Check out the official website for more details.

ICN India 2023 Bodybuilding Event

bodybuilding events

Date: 26/8/2023

Location: Chennai Convention Centre, Chennai, India

The ICN India bodybuilding event, scheduled for August 26th at the Chennai Convention Centre, is a must-attend for fitness enthusiasts and fans of bodybuilding. This event showcases bodybuilders competing in various categories, each aiming to claim the main prize.

From well-defined physiques to impressive poses, the ICN India event promises to be a visual treat for bodybuilding lovers.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

bodybuilding events

Date: 9/8/2023

Location: Ekam Yogashala, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

If you have an interest in yoga and wish to deepen your understanding and practice, the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is an event worth considering. Taking place on August 9th at Ekam Yogashala, this training program offers comprehensive lessons and insights into the world of yoga.

If you aspire to become a yoga teacher or simply want to enhance your practice, don’t miss this event.

Savirothon -2nd Edition A Live Marathon

bodybuilding events

Date: 27/8/2023 to 28/8/2023

Location: Bandra Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

For those looking to participate in or spectate an exciting marathon event, the Savirothon-2nd Edition is an event to mark on your calendar. Held on August 27th and 28th at Bandra Fort in Mumbai, this live marathon offers a chance to witness the endurance and perseverance of dedicated runners. Visit the website here to learn more.

Whether you’re an avid runner or enjoy the energetic atmosphere of marathons, this event is for you.

For more bodybuilding events in India this year, check out the Gymfluencers event calendar.

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