Gymfluencers: Grow in the Gym

Join our program to earn money whilst posting your gym pictures on IG plus allowing your friends and followers to receive discount subscriptions to your gym. Make money, reward followers, and help grow your gym!

How it works

You (The Gymfluencer) login to your My Account area and search for the gym you wish to promote.

Grab the tracking link and add this to your posts, bio, story or just send it privately to friends, family or PT clients.

They then sign up to the gym you wish to promote on a 12-month membership and receive up to a 20% discount.

Once they are confirmed you will receive up to 20% commission rate for this sale. You can cash out your total earnings at the end of each month.


Gym X 12 month membership costs £400RRP
Your follower/friend/client pays just £320.
You receive 20% commission = £64.

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Our App

Our app allows Gymfluencers to monitor their earnings, create sign up links and get discounts across a host of clothing, supplement and equipment partners. Gym owners can keep track of new sign ups and monthly revenue. This can all also be done in browser.

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